Listen To This DIY Eurorack! – Part 2

In case you’ve been following along as I built my first Eurorack case (here if you missed it) and weren’t terribly impressed with my first patch, I’ll continue to link to some videos below so we can see the progression of the adventure together! Hopefully this adventure culminates in me touring the world performing amazing music that deeply touches peoples hearts, but if it doesn’t it’s probably still going to be fun.

Eurorack Explorations #1

“Eurorack Explorations #1” is a meandering, lengthy, but ultimately satisfying study in thinking about music composition more like a mathematician than an artisan would. The sounds are coming from a Moog Subharmonicon and a Moog DFAM. Evolving textures and a patternistic structure are the primary concepts in this one. Percussion elements added in Ableton live after the fact, and are too loud. Sorry.

Eurorack Landforms

“Eurorack Landforms” is a composition that is beginning to go in an interesting direction. I use a Befaco Hexmix mixer with a Strymon Magneto tape-delay style effects unit to get some Dub-style trailing delay ambience on the percussion elements, and in general had a good time making and playing with this patch: