Listen To This DIY Eurorack!

You may have been following along as I built my first Eurorack case (here in case you missed it) and are curious what a bunch of knobs and wires sounds like, and the REAL question – Can It Be Musical? Let’s find out. Spoiler alert – oh yeah it can definitely be musical….but this first patch is the work of a novice so stay tuned for more impressive results. Update: See Part 2 for more interesting results!

I’m using a 4ms Quad Clock Distributor to align the pattern rates of the Subharmonicon with the DFAM. Then I am sequencing a Noise Engineering Ataraxic Iteritas with a Noise Engineering Mimetic Digitalis control voltage sequencer. The Ataraxic is going into a Doepfer WASP filter and into a mixer.

Pretty interesting for a first patch but let’s spend some time with this stuff and see where we can go with it.

UPDATE: We can definitely go interesting places with it.